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International Journal of Unani and Alternative Medicine

International Journal of Unani and Alternative Medicine (IJUAM) – envisaged to be an International, peer-reviewed Journal, will be published biannually by Al-Hakeem, Unani Medicare Centre, Shop no 3, Asalfa Metro Station, Asalfa, Ghatkopar, Mumbai 400084. The full text of the journal shall be accessible on website www.ijuam.com. There will be no charge for submission and processing of manuscripts. The journal aims to contribute for the research, education and promotion of Unani medicine and other traditional medicines globally.

The journal will be devoted to the publication of original articles on the utilization of knowledge of Unani medicine and other traditional systems of medicines. The spectrum of coverage is broad, encompassing researches on the theory and practices of Unani and other traditional medicines. It will also include the works conducted by the researchers of allied sciences that commensurate in any way with traditional medicine or help in its understanding and progression. This journal will also accept standard review articles based on basic principles of Unani medicine, newly emerged diseases with their updated scientific appraisal in contemporary sciences. It will also deal with survey of medicinal plants, nutraceuticals, drug standardization, biotechnology, horticulture, pharmacovigilance etc.

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